Vision Inspection system in multiple industries

Vision Inspection in Different Industries 
Grups Automation provides Solutions of vision inspection, to almost all manufacturing industry sectors.  In addition to the most important sectors shown below, we also supply the Aerospace, Electronic Assembly Equipment, Document Processing and Printing, Life Sciences and Product Security markets.


Automation Equipment
Vision systems enable a wide range of advanced automation equipment to operate unfailingly, accurately and at high speed.  OEMs, machine builders, equipment suppliers, robotics companies, system integrators and line builders all use Grups Automation vision as essential parts of the products and solutions they deliver to their customers.



Grups Automation vision and ID has been used to inspect and recognize virtually every type of component and sub-assembly used in vehicle production. From power train to electronics, from interior fit out to final assembly, our inspection, guidance and recognition systems optimize product quality and drive down manufacturing costs.



Consumer Products
An extremely wide range of high volume consumer products are inspect every day by Grups Automation SICK vision. We have the largest number of product options and the most flexible vision tools to ensure that whatever you make, we can provide cost effective, high performance solutions to meet your exact needs.



Nonstop Process Industries
For industries where products are made on a nonstop basis, Grups Automation SICK Vision system has an advanced range of fault detection, tracking, removal and reporting solution that optimize process control, maximize yield and minimize production downtime. With specific solutions for metals, paper, plastics, glassand nonwoven industries.



Industrial or consumer Electronics
For manufacturers of products and production equipment in markets including consumer and industrial electronics, our vision and ID systems provide a wide range of inspection, process control and traceability solutions - ensure the products you manufacture meet all the product quality, safety and global policy that they are subjected to.

Food and Beverage
High speed, high volume manufacture of food and beverage products are ideal applications for Grups Automation vision and ID products. Systems that are able to perform reliable, consistent inspection and identification tasks that would be impossible for human operators to perform. ensure that product appearance, contents and labeling is correct and consistent all over the manufacturing process.


Vision based barcode reading is replacing traditional laser scanners in an ever increasing range of applications in the logistics industry. With higher read rates, powerful visualization and lower lifetime costs, image based barcode reading can read any 1-D or 2-D barcode, even if the code is damaged, distorted or rotated.



Pharmaceutical/Medical components
Whether it is using low cost vision sensors to ensure package integrity, tracking serialized product from manufacturer to retailer, or ensuring label accuracy with barcode and text confirmation, Grups Automation offer the products that add value at every step of the way. Ensuring the healthcare products you manufacture meet patient safety and checking requirements in a cost effective manner.



Semiconductor Electronics parts
Grups Automation has been the leading vision and ID supplier to the semiconductor and electronics industry for over 10 years. Starting with wafer ID solutions, since then Grups Automation has dramatically expanded the range of solutions available, from wafer alignment and inspection, through to die quality, mounting and traceability solutions. Grups Automation technology is the clear leader in vision based wafer alignment systems.



Vision and ID technology has enabled rapid development of a wide range of solar manufacturing processes. With inspection, guidance and identification applications throughout wafer manufacture, cell fabrication and module assembly processes, Grups Automation is a leader in supporting manufacturing in the alternative energy market.