Automatic Pick and Place system

Grups automation has an expertise in High Speed automatic Pick and place system .Now a days manual pick and place or handling of the material become headache for manufacturing industries . Manual pick and place system require lots of labours , who has limitation of speed and accuracy . This will also increase dependability on manpower available in industries . Pick and place system require lots of skill and speed of working. Using latest automation system Grups Automation had developed Automatic pick and place system . This can be used for picking smallest size of object of 10 mm x 10mm x 10 mm . Our pick and place system also has four dimensional movement . This will be used for orientation of object . Our pick and place system also has inbuilt machine vision system . This vision system can take snap shot of online object and detect the oriented position of supplied object . We have used Siemens PLC , Siemens VFD , Siemens V90 Servo Drive and Siemens smart PLC for the same peoject to get efficient output of the system .


  Following are list of Pick and Place application
Automatic feeding material in Processing Machine
Sorting materials out put side of the machine
Orientation of machine product
Pick and place of product in enclosure or in packing material.
Alignment of feeding product
Rejection of defected product



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