Our Achievement

  Our Achievement in Automation Industries
Since last more than 15 years we have successfully commissioned thousands of projects in many industries, few of them are as follows
Material Handling System : Fully automatic material management system by using more than 40 Conveyers and Lots of Sensors . Used Wincc Scada with S7 315 PLC and G120 Drive at Vishakhapatnam , Telangana , India
Automating Purified Water Generation System with S7 1200 PLC and Comfort HMI TP 600 at Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Export PLC based control system for Oil Extraction Plant ; used ET 200s / IM 151-8 PLC system with 450 IOs , WinCC Scada and G120 Drive at Uzbekistan
Pick and Place automation by using V90 Servo Drives and S7 1200 Siemens PLC in Vasai, Maharashtra, India
4 feet DIA Pipe Pressure testing System was effectively commissioned by using Wincc Scada with Siemens S7 314 PLC in Hydrabad , India
Purified Water Distribution system : with S7 1200 PLC and KTP 600 HMI and V20 Drive in Tashkent , Uzbekistan
Fully Automatic PLC based Ointment Plant using S7 1200 PLC & Scada Based system at Tashkent , Uzbekistan
Automatic storage and retrieval system ,system was with Siemens s7 300 PLC , Siemens Wincc Scada, KTP 1000 HMI, Siemens Wireless scalance system , Simotion S120 Servo Drives near Chandigarh , India
Automatic batching system for Cadbury by using SIEMENS V90 Servo Motor and Drive in Chennai, Andhra, India
Automatic Newpaper Stacking and Wrapping system with S7 1200 PLC and KTP 600 HMI in Thrissur, Kerala, India 
Automation in Clean in Place and Steam in place system using Siemens PLC s7 300 in Coimbatore, Karnataka, India.
PLC based automation in Powder feeding machine by using Siemens PLC S7 1200 and Wincc Scada successfully installed at Goa, India
Automation for Battery furnace and Heating system by using S7 300 PLC & SIEMENS Comfort HMI , Mumbai , Maharashtra , India
Automation for Cleaning and Washing Fruits using Siemens S7 1200 PLC and KTP HMI at Nashik , Maharashtra , India .
HVAC system automated by using Siemens s7 313 PLC and WinCC Scada system at New Delhi , India
Automation of Liquid Gas Filling and Sealing system using s7 1200 PLC anf KTP 600 HMI at Oman
PLC based automation for Chemical plant using Siemens IM151-8 PLC and Siemens Wincc SIMATIC Scada at Samarkand , Uzbekistan .
Automation of ETP and Sewage Plant using S7 300 PLC , Comfort HMI and V20 A.C. variable frequency drive at Indore , Madhya Pradesh , India 
We completed lots of Automation project of Pharma Plant in Middle Countries like Nigeria, Zambia , Uganda, Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Morocco, Senegal Sudan , Uzbekistan, Kenya,
Textile machine synchronization using SIEMENS V20 VFD.

Automatic cutting system in textile industries by using SIEMENS servo Motor and Siemens Drives at New Delhi, India. 
Automatic Online inspection system using SICK Cameras and SICK sensors for Nail Paint Brush and SIEMENS S7200 Smart PLC and KTP 600 Basic HMI . This system is successfully Commissioned at Vasai , Near Mumbai , India.
Online Ampoules Dimensions checking system using Industrial vision cameras and Photo sensors of SICK India SIEMENS S7 1200 PLC and SIEMENS KTP 400 HMI in Tashkent , Uzbekistan
Automatic Fountain Application using SIEMENS V20 VFD and SIEMENS S7 200 SMART PLC at Goa , India
Soap Cutting application installed in Delhi by using SIEMENS S7 200 Smart PLC and Siemens Sinamic Servo Drive and Motor in India
Flexible Rotogravure Printing machine Installed in Hydrabad , Telangana , India using Siemens Sinamic G120 and Micromaster 440 VFD
Siemens ET200S PLC and Scada supplied in Vishakhapatnam for Material Handling application
Water purification plant installed in Pune using SIEMENS S7 1200 PLC and KTP 1000 HMI near New Delhi , India
Filtration plant supplied in Ahmedabad city using SIEMENS S7 300 PLC and Comfort HMI of TP 900 at Dubai , United Arab Emirates ( UAE )
Centrifuge application installed Bangalore used Siemens Sinamic MM440 and SIEMENS S7 1200 CPU successfully commissioned in Ashgabat, Turkey
PLC based control system for Rotary Dryer of 1000 Ltr / Hour in stalled in KOLKATA, India . In this system we used SINAMIC V20 Drive and S7 200 Smart PLC
We Become Number One Siemens System House in India for selling Highest number of Sinamic V20 VFD
Siemens also awarded our company as Highest OEM converted SIEMENS SYSTEM HOUSE in India
Siemens V20 Drive installed in Vadodara, Gujarat, India for HVAC application
Cream Manufacturing plant using SIEMENS S7 1200 PLC with KTP 600 HMI installed at Dhaka in Bangladesh
Automation of Ointment Plant in pharma company . In this we used Siemens S7 300 PLC with Wincc Scada System installed at Chittagong , Bangladesh
Automation of Rapid mixer granulator of 400 Ltr Capacity using SIEMENS S7 1200 PLC and Siemens KTP 1000 HMI at Khulna , Near Dhaka , Bangladesh.
Automation tea Bag machinery using SIEMENS S7 200 Smart at Bukhara , Near Tashkent in Uzbekistan
Siemens S7 1200 PLC and Siemens HMI KTP 600 used for Centrifuge application. It is completely commissioned at Bursa, Turkey 
Powder handling system for Chemical Plant using Siemens PLC S7 200 Smart and KTP 600 HMI at Tehran ,
Automated Mixing plant using Siemens S7 1200 and SIEMENS KTP 1000 HMI in Singapore
Online Vision inspection system for rejection of defected component by using SICK cameras and Siemens S7 200 Smart PLC and Siemens Wincc Scada system commissioned successfully at Tashkent ,Uzbekistan.
Automation of Oil filtration plant by using s7 300 PLC and Wincc Simatic Scada of 2048 Tags . We have completed Commissioning in Samarkand , Uzbekistan
Fully automatic Heat treatment system . Used Siemens S7 300 PLC and Siemens HMI of Comfort TP 900 with Wincc Scada system at Nigeria
Automatic packaging system with Siemens servo drive and Siemens s7 200 PLC commissioned at Pritampur near NEW DELHI.
Automatic Conveyer system for foods and beverages plant in Pune , Maharashtra , India . This project has been completed by using SIEMENS S 7 300 PLC with ET 200s Remote IOs and Siemens HMI of KTP 1000
Automatic material handling system for bottling plant installed at Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, India. We have successfully installed Siemens S7 1200 PLC with Siemens KTP 600 HMI.
Fully automatic LP Gas Bottling plant include weigh metric bottle filling .and Sealing system at Nepal . We Integrate Siemens V20 VFD and Siemens S7 200 Smart PLC,
Fully automatic LP Gas Bottling plant include weigh metric bottle filling .and Sealing system at Nigeria . We Integrate Siemens G120 VFD and Siemens S7 400 PLC,
Water treatment plant and ETP plant automated by using Siemens PLC s7 200 CPU and Siemens HMI of KTP 600
Fully automatic CIP and SIP system in pharma industry at Nigeria . We integrate Siemens S7 1200 PLC with SIEMENS KTP 600 HMI
SIEMENS PLC based automated control panel for Fume extraction system installed at Indore , Madhya Pradesh , India
Being Siemens System House an Siemens Distributor in India ,We are only Siemens System house who execute automatic ASRS system . In Which we have successfully integrate Many Siemens and Non Siemens Automation product . We did integration of SIEMENS ET 200 S PLCwith Siemens Basic HMI of KTP 600 , SIEMENS Wincc Scada , Siemens Sinamic S120 servo Drive . We commissioned this system at Vishakhapatnam in Telangana, India
Done automation of Online Box wrapping system using Siemens S7 200 Smart PLC and Siemens KTP 600 HMI at Tashkent , Uzbekistan .



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