Machine vision system for FLOW DETECTION

Machine vision system

Flow Detection
Vision for Flaw detection is perhaps the most fundamental machine vision task. Vital to quality control, machine vision allows manufacturers to find infectivity, scratches, cracks, blemishes, discoloration, gaps, pits, etc., and is used extensively across a wide range of industries from semiconductors to pharmaceuticals and automotive manufacturing. Machine vision detects defects invisible to the human eye, far faster and more accurately than humanly possible, and can operate 24X7


Flaws in product or the manufacturing process itself are usually random, so machine vision flaw detection algorithms look for pattern changes, changes in color or texture, or for a particular type of connected structure.

Sick vision high resolution, high sensitivity image sensors and cameras capture high quality images, and further down the imaging chain, our powerful frame grabber/vision processor hardware and advanced vision software tools segment defects from the background and allow quality control system to take action. Our combination of throughput, resolution, dynamic range, and advanced features sets us apart from competitors and provides competitive advantage for our customers, both in imaging components for OEMs and in factory-floor-ready end user solutions.



Machine Vision Capabilities and Tools in Sick Camera and PC based system


• High speed, low light, high resolution image capture
• High speed Frame grabbers for data acquisition,  
• Pattern matching tools for locating and identifying parts or features for alignment
• Edge tools for detecting the presence, absence, or position of features
• Measurement tools for checking dimensional accuracy
• Barcode (1D and 2D) readers for product identification and tracking
• Print recognition (OCR) tools for product identification, tracking, and readability
• Count tools for verifying the number of parts or features
• Surface flaw tools for detecting scratches, cracks, and discoloration
• Color tools for verifying the amount and location of colored elements.

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