Vision and Indentification for Consumer Product Manufacturing


• Vision Inspection system for High Volume Product manufacturing


• Consumer Product Manufacturing: Vision and ID Solutions

Grups Automation delivers product quality, safety, and package integrity


Vision inspection and identification system will be highly useful for consumer product manufacturing industries . In manual inspection of each components is not possible because for high man power requirement and unreliability of 100 % inspection of component


Grups Automation has decades of experience in various consumer product inspection, such as cosmetics, cleansers, pens, and razors all the way to watches, doors, hardware, and floor tile and is exclusively situated to deliver the highest level of confidence in product safety, product quality, and productivity improvement for customer product goods (CPG) manufacturers and the machine builders and systems integrators that serve them.

Products, collective with powerful vision tools and wide application proficiency, enable manufacturing engineers to meet tough production and packaging challenges for product quality and safety.

Full Range of Inspection and ID Solutions


Grups Automation offers the widest range of vision and ID Solutions available from a single source to provide you with a solution for every application and budget.


 Accomplish traceability while performing product quality checks
 Decrease scrap by detecting flawed or mislabeled products early in the production process
 Improve your production and packaging operations




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